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Picnic Album

"Her voice is impressive, powerful, and identifiable... I can’t imagine many people would be able to ignore her when she’s singing.  Even better is the fact that she actually has things to say. Her lyrics are empowering and positive and come from an undeniably female perspective. "

The Independent

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My music has been a tool to help me get through my hardest times. I told myself I could just make do. That my relationship wasn't quite bad enough to be abuse. That many women had it much worse. But when I saw what my sons were learning, I dedicated my life to making a positive change. I decided to focus on love and respect. My marriage ended over it, and my life started.  

My calling and my passion is to help others discover their love for music. I teach guitar, voice, and piano, and I love helping others find that excitement within themselves, of finding their own incredible skills. 

In the 3 years since I've been a full time musician, I've played at hundreds of respected venues, benefits, private parties, and weddings, taught dozens of aspiring musicians, performed with two full bands for audiences of hundreds of people, toured thousands of miles from home, released an original studio album and music video (Picnic - available everywhere) and spread a message of personal empowerment and self acceptance. I'm here to tell people to follow their passion. Make the hard choices to be the author of your own amazing story. As the song says: It's my Picnic, It's my parade. 

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Please contact LisaMacLV@gmail.com for booking and press inquiries.



Contact LisaMacLV@gmail.com for booking and press inquiries. 


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