New Single - In Between Drinks

I love pop music. I love hip hop. I love all things R&B. The first songs I ever created were hip hop and R&B, songs I had produced at 17 starting with the drumbeat, created on a Korg Tritan. That enormous sequencing keyboard was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen at that time. My songs I created in that vein never really went anywhere, because I wasn't super happy with them. The next album I did with a lot of pop and electronic sounds was Quota, which was a bandcamp experiment where I would try to create and record a new original song every day. Needless to say the quality went down, but I love what it did for my creativity, including getting me out of my head to create something more silly and openly expressive.  Check it out on bandcamp.

I've kind of gone back to my roots on this next some I'm getting ready to release. I'm really enjoying doing something faster and more danceable right now, and playing around a little more with sound effects and ad libs.

Check it out for yourself - the single, along with a lyrics video, is dropping August 13th. Make sure you follow me on Youtube and follow me on Spotify to get updates about new music coming out! 

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